01 - Who?

her-ter  lou  se-bas-ti-an

Herter - I'd say it's as common as the last name, Smith (yeah, right [insert emoji with the eyes rolling]). If I had a dollar for every time I was asked the questions below, immediately after having introduced myself...

  • Heather?
  • Harder?
  • Herder?
  • Hester?
  • Heater?
  • Carter?
  • Curter?
  • Can you spell it?
  • What is the meaning behind it?
  • That's your first name?
  • Is it German?
  • Is it Filipino?
  • Is that your real name?
  • Are you sure?

It's Herter. H-E-R-T-E-R. No definition. Neither German, nor Filipino. It is my real name, and, yes, I'm pretty sure it is my name. It's actually the result of what's commonly known as "the creativity of new Filipino parents," in other words, the combination of some sort of both of their names. "Her" from Hernel (my dad), and "Ter" from Teresa (my mom). Simple as a pimple.

However, just when you'd think (or at least I did) the questions ended there, a new confusion sprouts regarding the origin of my dad's name, Hernel. I'll spare you the time and assumptions. "Her" from Hermenigildo (his dad), and "Nel" from Nelsie (his mom). See the connection there?


Lou...From what I've been told, it's derived from the name, Luz (my mom's mom and my dad's grandma). Nothing complicated there. Although, in the fifth grade, I did receive an interesting remark from a boy once:

Is that short for "Loud?"

o_0  Ummm...what???


Sebastian...I'll leave you to believe that it's Jamaican, just like the servant of King Triton and main musical composer of "Under the Sea."

The Basics...

  • Born in Manila, Philippines
  • Migrated to Bamberg, Germany
  • Raised in San Gabriel, California
  • Total Child Preschool
  • K-8 at San Gabriel Mission Elementary School
  • St. Lucy's Priory High School
  • GE at Citrus College
  • B.A. at University of California, in San Diego
  • Interned for a few photographers & an entertainment news agency
  • Worked several years in an optical media manufacturing plant
  • Currently freelance providing various multi-media services

If you have any questions or need any further clarification, whether it be regarding my name or any of the bullets or just anything in general, by all means, please don't hesitate to post them in the comments section below. 

If not, thanks for reading my first ever post on my first ever blog!

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