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DVD Authoring

With the proper software and full knowledge of authoring, your DVD will conform to the specifications of the DVD Forum. This step bridges your content with the ability to produce a finished DVD. Customized functionality includes:

  • Closed captioning
  • Special features
  • Encoding
  • Menu design
  • Motion menus
  • Many more...

Bluray Authoring

Authoring for Bluray is a similar concept to that of DVD, with the exception that the content consists of high definition video. Additionally, this process may include conversion to 3D, as well as 3D subtitles.


Mastering is the crucial and final step that cannot be overlooked in music production. Several finishing touches must be applied prior to the big release, regardless of the format (digital download or CD). Enhancements to the quality of your music include:

  • Corrective EQ
  • Dynamic range
  • Clarity in mixes
  • Increased overall volume
  • Consistent volume from the first to last songs
  • Custom spacing (cross-fades) between songs
  • Preservation of artistic vision
  • Zero to low error accepted by replicators

Enhanced CD

Play the same audio CD in a computer, and launch additional content:

  • Wallpapers/Screensavers
  • Animation
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Video clips
  • Email
  • Direct links to social media
  • Promotional material
  • Many more...